Another Chennai Teacher Suspended Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

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After the PSBB School sexual harassment case, another Chennai teacher from a prominent school was arrested for sexually assaulting students. The Commerce teacher was suspended on Thursday.

Trigger Warning: This article has content that can be disturbing and contains graphic details.

The management and principal have been summoned for further investigation on June 10 by the State Child Rights Commission. The Tamil Nadu government has clubbed this case with four other sexual harassment cases of Chennai schools.

Both girls and boys reportedly made serious accusations against the teacher. Students shared that the Commerce teacher pretended to be the father figure and continued to harass the students physically, mentally and emotionally in public. The teacher is also accused of seeking out students for “temple visits” after school hours.

One of the alumnae reportedly said that when the students reported this behaviour of the teacher to the school management, they reacted in favour of the teacher while saying, “students are teenagers who are taking things in the wrong way.”

An alumna of the school told Indian Express, “He used to spank female students under the guise of disciplining them and thrash and verbally abuse male students who questioned his behaviour. If students refused his advances, he would physically assault them, gaslight them, comment on the students’ appearances publicly and threaten students with academic retaliation, following which they were forced to apologise to him.”

Similar Cases

A sexual harassment survivor from Chennai took to Instagram to share the truth about the harassment she faced in school from her Hindi Teacher. The survivor from Kendriya Vidyalaya CLRI wrote that her Hindi teacher Mahendra Kumar had allegedly grabbed her at her private parts taking advantage of crowded areas.

The survivor shared that she was more embarrassed about someone noticing the teacher sexually harassing her rather than actually being harassed due to the social pressures on a girl. This survivor account was shared by Chinmayi Sripada on Twitter.

In another case, a PSBB teacher was arrested under the same charges. Rajagopalan taught Commerce and Accountancy for over 20 years at the school. Students raised allegations of misbehaviour and sexual advances in the classroom against him.