Anne Hidalgo Campaigning To Become France’s 1st Female President: Who Is She?

Anne Hidalgo
Anne Hidalgo who is the mayor of the French capital since 2014 launched her candidacy in the northwestern city of Rouen and is the favourite to win the Socialist Party nomination. Campaigning for the coming elections against Marine Le Pen, Hidalgo is touted to be the first French president if she wins over Pen.

The presidential campaigns were started on September 12 by the far-right National Rally party’s Pen as well as Hidalgo, seeking to become France’s first female leader in next year’s spring election.

Hidalgo, the 62-year-old politician said while kickstarting the campaign, “I want all children in France to have the same opportunities I had.”

Who Is Anne Hidalgo?

Hidalgo, who launched her candidacy in the northwestern city of Rouen, was born to Spanish immigrants who fled their country in search of freedom amid dictator Francisco Franco’s rule towards the end of the Spanish civil war.