Angry Employee Gets Back At Boss By Blowing Up Oil Warehouse In Thailand

employee blows up warehouse
employee blows up warehouse: A woman in Thailand was angry with her boss who had scolded her and discussed ways she could improve her work. What she did next will astound you. She allegedly blew up the oil warehouse where she worked by using a lighter to set fire to a piece of paper before throwing it on to a fuel container at the Prapakorn Oil warehouse in Thailand. The incident took place on 29 November.
38-year-old Ms Sirisini or Ann Sriya is the name of the worker. The fire quickly spread through the building where thousands of litres of oil tanks were stored causing more than 40 million Thai baht (about £900,000) worth of damage, as per a report.

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The images shared on social media show thick black smoke and a fireball billowing into the air above the single-storey warehouse in Nakhon Pathom province.

She was arrested at her home in Sam Phran district. She later confessed to committing the crime. She was found injured during the incident on 29 November. She had been working there for nine years and said she hadn’t expected the fire she started to cause so much damage.

The damage caused can be gauged by the fact that more than 40 fire engines had to spend four hours battling the blaze before it was eventually brought under control, according to reports.  Ms Sriya is still in custody while police authorities continue their inquiries.

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