A 12 year old girl Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California has won the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition on Thursday with a cash prize of $40,000.

Ananya went through numerous rounds till the end of the competition against her counterpart Rohan Rajeev and finally won the championship. Both were the last among all 291 participants in the competition.

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The struggle came to an end when Ananya spelled the word ‘Marocain’ correctly to win the 25-word championship round of spelling bee which was held in the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in suburban Washington. The word Marocain means a ribbed crepe fabric used in women’s clothing. The competition went for 12 hours which included spelling all type of vowels and consonants.

Talking to the ESPN after the competition she said, “It’s like a dream come true. I am so happy right now, I just focused on my word and tried to spell it right.”

The struggle came to an end when Ananya spelled the word ‘Marocain’ correctly to win the 25-word championship round of spelling bee

The participants came from all the 50 states of US. Children within the age group of 6 to 15 had participated in the competition.

Right away in the earlier rounds, spellers got stuck with words like Corriedale, toreutics, cleidoic and panettone while the others spelt words like catafalque, outarde and chryselephantine correctly.

A 13 year old girl Maggie Sheridan, from Mansfield, Ohio was surprised to correctly spell the word whirlicote which means a type of luxurious carriage, but was in very next moment out from the competition when she failed to spell saccharomycete correctly.

The other girl Marlene Schaff, 14, was also shown door of the competition after incorrectly spelling the word cleidoic which enclosed in a relatively impervious shell which reduces free exchange with the environment.

After Ananya was proclaimed the winner of the competition beating Rohan who stood runners up, was found smiling while her father rushed onto the stage to hug her.

She was crowned the winner of 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee and spelt almost spelling 35 words correctly. She is the first outright winner of the competition which used to end in ties for the past three years.



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