Para-Athlete Sheetal Devi's Grit Wins Over PM Modi, Anand Mahindra

16-year-old Asian Para Games champion, Sheetal Devi was lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Anand Mahindra for her grit and determination

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PM Modi congratulated Sheetal Devi for winning a silver and two gold medals in archery at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

In a world that often underestimates the strength of the human spirit, Sheetal Devi's journey stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of resilience.


Born with phocomelia syndrome, a rare congenital disorder that left her limbs underdeveloped, the athlete from Kishtwar defied the odds to become a 16-year-old armless archer sensation. She won one silver and two gold medals for India at the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, carving a path that leaves us in awe and inspired.

Rendezvous with PM Modi

Sheetal Devi and the other Indian para-athletes were welcomed back to India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi. He congratulated Devi for creating history as the only female para-athlete in the world to shoot with her feet.

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared a photograph of the heartwarming meeting, with the caption "Blessings full of faith".


Earlier this week, PM Modi took to Twitter, congratulating Sheetal Devi for bringing home the gold medal. He lauded Devi's determination and grit as a testament to her triumph.

An encouraging gesture by Anand Mahindra

Even prominent industrialist Anand Mahindra was touched by Sheetal Devi's remarkable story. On Saturday, he took to Twitter to share her awe-inspiring journey, emphasising that she was a "teacher to us all." As a gesture of his respect and admiration, he made an extraordinary pledge – to gift Sheetal Devi a custom-made car from Mahindra's extensive lineup.


His message was heartfelt and empowering, underscoring the essence of Sheetal's unparalleled determination.

"I will never, EVER again complain about petty problems in my life," Mr. Mahindra proclaimed.

His pledge not only symbolizes his admiration for her strength but also sets a shining example of how society should embrace individuals who break barriers.

Celebrating Female Empowerment

Sheetal Devi's achievements not only defy the limitations of her physical condition but also stand as a beacon of female empowerment. In a world that still grapples with gender disparities, her story serves as a stark reminder that women can conquer even the most daunting of challenges. Sheetal Devi's triumphs inspire countless other girls and women to dream big, break free from constraints, and challenge the status quo.


The overwhelming response to Anand Mahindra's pledge highlights the importance of celebrating extraordinary women. As Sheetal Devi becomes the first Indian woman to win two gold medals in a single edition of the Asian Para Games, her journey becomes a source of inspiration for all. Her success tells us that the human spirit knows no bounds and that every individual, irrespective of gender or physical abilities, can achieve greatness.

In gifting Sheetal Devi a car customized to her unique needs, Anand Mahindra has provided her not only with a mode of transportation but also with a symbol of her own strength and an embodiment of the support that society can extend to empower exceptional individuals.

This remarkable gesture reminds us that empowerment knows no boundaries, and women like Sheetal Devi are lighting the way forward for a brighter, more inclusive future.

By celebrating her achievements and recognizing her as a symbol of female empowerment, we take a step closer to a world where gender does not dictate one's potential for greatness. Sheetal Devi's story is a reminder that the power of the human spirit is limitless, and it's high time we all acknowledged and celebrated it.

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