Who Is Shannen Jones? Australian Breaks Archery World Record Using Feet

Who Is Shannen Jones? Australian Woman Breaks World Record With Archery Shot Using Feet
After setting a remarkable world record, Shannen Jones, an Australian woman, stunned the entire world with her aerobatic prowess. On August 15 of last year in Australia’s Queensland, Jones used her feet to shoot an arrow at a distance of 18.27 metres, setting the record for “farthest arrow shot using feet.”

While posting a video to Instagram, Guinness World Records wrote, “Farthest arrow shot using feet 18.27 m (59 ft 11 in) by Shannen Jones.” The organisation posted a video of Jones performing a handstand and balancing herself before skillfully shooting an arrow at the target with her feet.

The organisation that keeps track of records added that Shannen Jones has been practising foot archery for a while and outperformed the previous record holder by “just under 6 metres.” The video posted by Guinness World Records has received over 9.2 lakh views since it was shared a few hours ago. In addition, the post received 82,000 likes and many comments.

Who Is Shannen Jones?

The professional contortionist Shannen Jones, 22, began her training when she was just five years old. Since then, she has continued to wow audiences both domestically and abroad with her incredible act. Jones, from the Gold Coast, is also known as “The Girl With No Bones.”
Jones has been practising foot archery for more than six years. Jones recently set a world record for “farthest arrow shot using feet” when she was able to shoot an arrow at the centre of the target from a distance of 18.27 metres (59 feet and 11 inches).

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Jones posted a video of her attempt to break the Guinness World Records on January 12. She wrote, “I broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance handstand foot archery shot! ”. Over 4.9 lakh people have watched Jones’ video as of this writing.

Social media users were obviously very impressed by her abilities. Some advised her to focus on helping her nation win an Olympic gold. Prior to Jones, Brittany Walsh held the previous record in 2021. Walsh, a trained gymnast, shot a flawless arrow from a distance of 12.31 metres using her feet.