An international conclave in Bihar to celebrate women. On 18th and 19th February 2017 at B.P Shastri Agricultural College in Purnia, Bihar, a two-day event will witness scholars from different fields exchanging ideas. In the spotlight, is the conclave organised by Xena World, women will get together to discuss problems related to urban and rural women’s development and offer solutions for the same. SheThePeople.TV is the digital media partner to this effort.

Xena World Purnia Bihar
Xena World Purnia Bihar, SheThePeople.TV Is The Media Partner

Objectives of the event

1. To explore opportunities to provide solutions for the enrichment of women in the urban as well as rural set-ups.

2. To help and build a woman’s life by strengthening her through education and making her aware of the various career opportunities that exist.

3. To sensitize women on how to contribute to the family’s income

4. To educate them about the gender bias that exists in the society and how to defend themselves from it.

5. To sensitize men on the need of promoting gender equality.

Issues to be discussed

The International Women Empowerment Conclave aims at discussing a plethora of issues revolving around women empowerment. Educating the girl child, providing employment opportunities to women, combating domestic violence, introducing entrepreneurship to women and talks on health care and hygiene will be given central importance. “It is important to put the spotlight on these issues and talk about them because they are core to improving the state of women in India,” Founder SheThePeople.TV Shaili Chopra said on the partnership to this event.

The conclave will also witness prolific women achievers sharing their journeys with the masses.

Speakers gracing the event

Noted television and film actress Divya Seth Shah, Activist Rachhna R.Kalra, Actor Satyakam Anand, eminent scholar Mehfooz Ali are some of the eminent personalities part of the guest list. They will be gracing the event and sharing their profound knowledge on the various gender-related issues that plague the society.

Other tenets of the event

Many organisations have been invited to be a part of the conclave including ICFA (Indian Council For Food and Agriculture), NISE (National Institute For Solar Energy) and IIF (Indian Institute of Finance)

National and International Women authors will be felicitated for their literary acumen. And there will a discussion with an organisation called Computer Shiksha to impart computer skills among women.

If you are interested in participating in this event, you can register here