Amnesty International’s Video Challenges Ireland’s Abortion Laws

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Amnesty International Ireland has released a new video which aims to repeal the 8th amendment of Ireland’s constitution, which believes in “right to life of the unborn”.

Only women who may lose their lives as a result of their pregnancies can access safe and legal abortions in Ireland. The rest of them must deliver their baby, despite the circumstances, or fear breaking the law.

Amnesty International’s video is titled “25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant”.

The video starts off with seemingly trivial grievances. Women talk about how annoying it is to have people touch their baby bump, and how they can’t paint their toe nails. But then the video takes a darker turn. “When you are forced to carry a baby that can’t survive out of the womb,” says one woman.

“When you lose your free will, when you are not ready to be a mother.”

“When your government considers you a criminal.”

“When you don’t think the 8th amendment affects you, until it does,” is the last item on the list.

All pregnant women are at risk under the 8th Amendment, says the text at the end of the video, with the hashtag #repealthe8th.

The video also talk about how women travel to other places to abort their pregnancies. According to a report, nearly 25,000 Irish woman travelled to Britain for abortions between 2010 and 2014. 

The UN has also urged the country to change its laws. The pro-choice movement in Ireland is gaining ground. Just this week, the Irish Prime Minister was confronted by students wearing pro-abortion T shirts. The PM was planning to have a referendum on abortion rights in the summer months of 2018. However, students protested against the timing, saying that many of them would be working abroad or travelling, and would not be able to have their say.

The PM has said that he will take the students’ concerns into consideration.

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