America Submits Artwork To ‘Resist’ Trump

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The world is gearing up for US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this month. Women’s group activists are all set with their rallying plans, the media is equipping itself with enough resources to report the events and all this while, some people are still making sense of what just happened.

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The editor and publisher of the comic tabloid Smoke Signal, Gabe Fowler is all set to release a free newspaper during the Inauguration day and a day after when the Women’s March on Washington is set to take place.

He wanted “this issue have a strong and powerful roar of female voices without meddling by men,” his press release said. His idea was to get in women to submit their comics on the theme “Not our president”.

Julie Wilson

By Julie Wilson

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He roped in the New Yorker’s art director and his favourite, Françoise Mouly and her daughter Nadja Spiegelman to see through the work. When the three got together, they worked on a website and posted a link to the same. Soon responses came pouring in and with the post going viral, they received more than 1000 entries and $4000 in donations. Ideally aimed at 30,000 free copies, it may now publish up to 50,000 free copies to be distributed on the Inauguration Day, 20 January 2017, and at the Women’s March on 21st January 2017.

sophie Zarders

By Sophie Zarders

The editor Mouly, who herself wanted to start a dialogue before the Inauguration, saw the potential in this moment. Talking about the submissions to nymag.com, she said, “When you go through the submissions by women, you see women.”

“You see women talking about how they felt that day, you see women drawing themselves, drawing crowds of women, drawing their uteruses and their ovaries and their bodies. And when you go through the submissions by men, you see Trump.”

Dame Darcy

By Dame Darcy
Credits: resistsubmission.com

The images posted on the website shows us the reality Trump’s US is going to face. In a report by Washingtonpost, Mouly said, ” With this project, I knew that there must be people who felt as crushed as we were, and that they needed to not just say it but shout it, and make it into a physical object.”

“That howl of protest needed to be gathered, preserved, and therefore vindicated — the first step toward building a future where we can feel more included,” she added.

My Nog To

By My Nog To
Credits: resistsubmission.com

Mouly’s daughter, Nadja Spiegelman told nymag.com that this tabloid was not for the people who wear the red Trump cap but for the ones who “see themselves reflected in it”.

She says, “I hope people read it and feel less alone.”

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