Donald Trump Wins Election: America Does Not Get its First Woman President

Tara Khandelwal
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Trump wins

Donald Trump is all set to become the 45th American President. CNN reports that Hillary Clinton has called Trump to concede the race.


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In terms of history being made, the US will not see its first woman president in the White House. While reams will be written about what happened this election cycle, and whether the mainstream media in the US really got it wrong, and whether indeed there was a "whitelash against a changing country" as a CNN commentator put it, that's one historic moment that will take a little longer.

The candidate who is known for this racist and sexist comments against women, surprisingly beat the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Republicans won the U.S House, with 223 seats versus the the 164 seats the Democrats took.

Financial markets across the world fell as prospects of Clinton’s winning the Presidency fell. Asian markets have crashed. U.S. stock futures have dropped drastically. The Mexican peso dropped to a record low, (perhaps on fears of the Wall, Trump has been talking about), while safe haven currency, the Japanese yen is on the rise. The dollar fell against other currencies as Trump pulled ahead on battleground states.

The election result has left one part of the U.S, and indeed even the global community, appalled, while another triumphant. The mood at the Trump headquarters was jubilant, with supporters lining the streets of New York. Clinton's supporters sat subdued at Times Square and Javits centre.


Indian markets crashed- The Sensex and Nifty are down most since the Brexit vote.

John Podesta, the campaign chair at the Clinton headquarters urged supporters to go home, saying that "we are proud of her." He said we will have more to say tomorrow, and that we are not going to be hearing from Clinton tonight.


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Perspective: Meera Sanyal on Hillary Clinton, An Insider’s View

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