‘Weird, Disgusting,’ Internet On Graffiti Of Amber Heard As Pinnochio Amid Legal Battle

Amber Heard Graffiti
Ever since the defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began on April 11, it has hit headlines every other day. The whole world has its eyes on the trial and people’s peculiar interest in the case has resulted in some disturbing social media trends.

The former couple is in court fighting a defamation suit in Fairfax County Circuit in Virginia and over the last few weeks, there’s been an outpour of support for Depp on social media with hashtags like #JusticeForJohnny trending on social media. Meanwhile, Amber Heard has become the fodder for memes, ugly reels and Tik Tok videos with clips of her testimonies being used to create supposedly humorous content.

Amber Heard Graffiti

A graffiti has now been painted in Spain by an artist who goes by Ceser. The graffiti by the Spanish artist shows Heard with an elongated nose which resembles that of Pinocchio’s with the words, “You broke my nose, Johnny,” painted on it. It is a probable symbol of the belief that Heard has been lying about Depp abusing her.

The artist posted a photo of the graffiti on his Instagram page with the caption that Amber Heard is a liar. “Amber is fake! How many innocents are behind the bars,” he captioned the post.

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This graffiti, though, was in a bad taste say a section of internet users and they were concerned as to how Heard is being subjected to this kind of public hatred and humiliation while most men accused of abuse did not face similar repercussions.

“This is so fucking gross and honestly depressing,” a user commented below the reshared post on Twitter. “Regardless of who you think is right or wrong, making street art on a domestic violence court case is disgusting. Bet this’ll encourage abuse victims to come forward even more now, right,” wrote another.

Another user also noted how it seems inappropriate to make street art out of something so sensitive. “I feel like this is a bit much. Making street art about a very sensitive event just seems weird. Like are we allowed to joke about this kind of stuff so explicitly,” the user wrote.

Even a Depp supporter called out the artist and people for their insensitive behaviour. The user wrote, “The evidence altogether indicates pretty clearly that he wasn’t abusive… and very, VERY clearly that she was. However, I’m pretty grossed out by the insensitive behaviour from people treating this like some kind of celeb drama when it’s actually a pretty horrific situation.”

It is disturbing how except for a section, others are hailing the artist and leaving even more hateful comments against Heard.

The insensitive humour and art created at the expense of a domestic abuse case involving two celebrities will discourage survivors of abuse from coming out and speaking about their ordeals. It may have repercussions we cannot even fathom at this point in time. Insensitivity as such is even more harmful when the court is yet to announce its verdict.

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