Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon


Lemons are loaded with health benefits, they contain flavonoids and  are antioxidants which is useful in fighting cancer. Lemon juice is helpful in eliminating kidney stones by forming a urinary citrate and prevents crystal formation in the kidneys. Doctors recommend at least one or two glasses of lemon juice daily.

Here are some possible health benefits of lemon:

1) Reduces Weight: Drinking glass of lukewarm water lemon juice and honey every morning can help one to reduce weight. It also brings a healthy glow to the skin. The skin brightens up, removing all the impurities.

2) Controls high Blood Pressure: Reduces the risks of heart problems as it contains potassium. It gives a calming sensation and reduces mental stress. So, one more reason to order a fresh lemonade.

3) Stops Internal Bleeding: Since lemon is antiseptic in nature, a few lemon drops, if applied inside the nose can help in stopping a nosebleed.

4) Good for the Skin: Lemon is the cure for all the skin related problems. Lemon or its juice helps in curing burnt scars, acne, eczema or bee sting. Blackheads and wrinkles are also removed by applying lemon on the skin as it contains anti-ageing elements.

5) Helps in Digestion: As lemon acts as a cleansing agent, it purifies the blood and helps in digestion. It also cures constipation, if lemon juice or commonly called fresh lime is consumed after having lunch or dinner.

6) Dental Care: A toothache or gum disease can easily be cured if lemon juice is applied on the areas. You can get rid of the pain if the juice is applied to the area. Lemon is acidic in nature, so avoid rubbing it inside your mouth. Lemon is also used to clean teeth and eliminate bad breath.

7) Treatment of Corns: Lemon juice, if applied on swollen lumps on the skin or on the hard skin can actually help in the treating corns and in foot relaxation.

8) Respiration: A rich source of vitamin C, and therefore it gives relief to the breathing problems.

9) Hair care: Lemon, if rubbed on the scalp can reduce hair loss, dandruff or other related problem. Hair shine can be another best result of using lemon.

Pic Credit: lajollamom.com

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