This Woman In A Viral Video Says Being A Housewife Is A Job Men Hire You For

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YouTuber Aly Drummond has gone viral for saying that being a housewife is a job and that ‘you need a man to hire you for it’. Aly Drummond is a homemaker and YouTuber, she runs the YouTube channel RealFemSapien.

TikToker Pearl Davis posted a clip titled “How to marry a high value man and become a housewife” and tagged Aly Drummond. In the clip, Drummond talks about how she “became a better human being” and became “feminine” and “submissive” and got a husband.

Aly Drummond said that “You submit to your boss” when cleaning shelves or performing menial tasks. She asked, “Wouldn’t it be better if you were cleaning your own shelves at home?”

She suggested that in order to marry a “high value man”, women should work for those men they want to pursue. The video divided the internet as some praised Drummond for being ‘unapologetic’ while others found her views to be old fashioned.

Aly Drummond said that that in capitalist America, “your boss would replace your tomorrow and your family would not” and advised people to “choose wisely.”

Social media users argued that financial dependency on a man is not anti-capitalist and that traditional gender roles of a working husband and housewife have been interlinked with capitalism for most of history.

TikToker Drew Afualo stated that “the absolute wildest thing about this” was that Aly Drummond compared working a retail job for 8 hours to a loving relationship with another person. She quipped, “You think relationships should be equivalent to working at Kohls? [sic]”

Assistant professor at London School of Economics Aliya Hamid Rao whose research focuses on work, gender, and family said that the viral video seemed to recognise that women face hurdles such as lack of pay, lack of promotion and discrimination.

However, Rao added that Drummond’s views weren’t anti-capitalistic and that she had just gone from paid work for a company to unpaid work at home.

Viewers argued that housework is hard work that demands respect, but it is unpaid labour that quashed financial independence.

Users brought up the issue of lack of financial independence and proposed a scenario where Drummond’s husband left her. Drummond responded that “I’m also an educated and ambitious woman. If my husband left me tomorrow, I would figure it out.”

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