All Girl Thrash Metal Band Creates Sensation in Indonesia

Voice of Baceprot

Coming from conservative West Java, this all girl metal band has been creating a sensation in Indonesia.

The three members of  ‘Voice of Baceprot’(VOB) discovered their talent in heavy metal after learning music from their music teachers music collection.

A 16-year-old Firdda Kurnia said to The Guardian, “I just fell in love with metal since that first time I heard it. It felt so rebellious. I think we found ourselves in the music.”

Fridda Kurnia founded this three member band in 2014. She is a vocalist cum guitarist of VOB, Eusi Siti Aisyah is the drummer and Widi Rahmawati is the bassist.

The band has been a smashing music sensation among its peers. However, it has created a sense of dismay among the conservatives which has led them into trouble. The girls are now constantly getting death threats and hate mails.

VOB has not only performed live concerts, stage performance but has also appeared on the national television. The girls tirelessly practiced after the school.

This week, the young girls skipped their school to perform live on  the national TV by travelling all alone to Jakarta.”

Kurnia, one of the band members in an interview with The Guardian said, “Mostly I like bands from outside,” You know – like Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine and Lamb of God.”

“Many people think metal music is satanic but we are showing that there is a different shade, a different side to the music,” said Erza Satia, 35, the music teacher who introduced the girls to heavy metal, and is now their manager.

Being a Muslim majority country, West Java has many conservatives  therefore, VOB has been a surprise as well as shock for many. Their music teacher has been receiving threat calls pressurising him to break up the band.

Initially, the family members of the all-girl band used to remain uneasy, but after the popularity of the band, the families have started supporting the girls. So far VOB’s thousands of fans have raised support for the girls and number is still increasing on social media.

“I think what we want to say to the young women of Indonesia is, don’t be afraid of being different,” said Kurnia to the Guardian. “Don’t be afraid to shout your independence.”

We wish them good luck!

Pic Credit: Geo Tv

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