All for a cause: 500 nuns bicycle trek from Kathmandu to Leh

nuns bicycle trek from Kathmadu to Leh

Here is a journey for a noble cause. On Saturday five hundred nuns from the Buddhist sect known as the Drukpa Order completed a 4,000-km  journey to raise awareness about human trafficking in the remote region. And the interesting part is that they covered this journey on bikes.

“When we were doing relief work in Nepal after the earthquakes last year, we heard how girls from poor families were being sold because their parents could not afford to keep them anymore,” 22-year-old nun Jigme Konchok Lhamo told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“We wanted to do something to change this attitude that girls are less than boys and that it’s okay to sell them,” she said, adding that the bicycle trek shows “women have power and strength like men.”

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Clad in black sweatpants, red jackets and white helmets these nuns could easily be mistaken for regular cyclists.  However their run from Nepal to Leh was for a higher cause, there was no prize money involved, no financial benefits, their aim was just to create awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

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We doff our hats to these women who undertook this tough journey, and all for a cause.

Feature Image Credit: news.trust.org

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