Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Plays Among Us, Encourages People To Vote During Livestream

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US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played and live-streamed the trending online game ‘Among Us’ to encourage young Americans to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections. She played the game alongside fellow Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and YouTube personalities like Pokimane, Hasanabi, and Jack Septic on Wednesday. Ocasio-Cortez invited her followers to join the live stream on Twitch through Twitter.

The game’s live-streamed on Twitch, an online streaming platform for gamers, was watched by over 4,39,000 viewers, making it the third-highest individual stream by viewership in the history of the streaming platform. Cortez also gained 5,50,000 followers on Twitch after it, more than any other US political leader on the platform including President Donald Trump, as reported by the Print. Snippets from the live stream have also gone viral on social media.

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During the live stream, she said, “That’s really what tonight’s all about, and of course we are here to vote blue,” pointing towards the Democratic party. While appealing the viewers to get out and vote she asked them about their plans on voting.

The online multiplayer game ‘Among Us’ has been developed by American game studio InnerSloth. In the game one or two players are imposters and the rest are crewmates. The crewmates are supposed to complete all the tasks and identify the imposters to vote them out while the imposters try to sabotage the tasks and kill the crewmates.

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About Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

In 2018, Cortez became the youngest woman in history to be elected to the US Congress. She was also among the first female members of the Democratic Socialists of America elected to serve in Congress. The politician is currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 14th district. She recently received a lot of praise for her fiery speech on the floor of the House of Representatives in which she called out sexism present with the US Congress. Read more about it here.

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