Akshata Murthy, Daughter of Narayan Murthy Richer Than The Queen?

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Akshata Murthy, married to British Chancellor Rishi Sunak and daughter of Narayan Murthy, is reported to be 100 Million pounds richer than the Queen of England. According to a Guardian investigation, Akshata Murthy owns 480 million pounds worth of shares while the queen’s wealth only amounts to 350 million. 

The same investigative report revealed that Murthy along with her family is associated with many ventures and has a 900 million pound-a-year joint venture with Amazon in India. Akshata’s stake in the group is 0.91 percent which is worth 430 million. 

The fire started when Murthy’s husband, Rishi Sunak was expected to disclose his financial details along with his close family members as per the UK law. Sunak in turn only revealed his wife’s stake at UK-based venture capital firm Catamaran Ventures. The said company also has combined family shareholding of 1.7 billion euros in Infosys which employs thousands in the UK and holds government contracts.

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At the moment the UK government’s ethics watchdog is investigating the claims against Rishi Sunak. Although the members of parliament close to British PM Boris Johnson have reportedly expressed faith in Rishi Sunak’s financial disclosures. 

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy started courting in Stanford Business School where they were classmates. They tied the knot in 2009 and are now parents to two kids Krishna and Anoushka. Rishi Sunak apart from being the Chancellor of the Exchequer ( equivalent to finance minister in India ) has also co-founded a London-based global investment firm which helps small businesses with funds. Before being promoted to Chief Secretary to the Exchequer, Sunak was elected as Conservative MP from Richmond three times in a row.