After Kangana and Lisa, Priyanka Chopra comments on the Salman Khan issue

After Kangana, Sona and Lisa, Priyanka Chopra comments on Salman's rape comment

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We always hold eminent entertainment personalities accountable for raising pertinent issues like its their job. But when they take to talking do we like to listen? Salman's rape analogy comment has received a lot of media traction, despite an unfortunate incident like the rape in Motihari town of Bihar that coincided with Salman's comment news.


Some celebrities are trying to change that. After Sona Mohapatra's Facebook post that highlighted the comparison, it was Priyanka Chopra who bore the torch. This is what she said at a recent media interaction:

First of all, you should be asking the person who made this comment. It is very important for the media and for we as women to use our power and talk about the real problem which is happening in India every single day to so many women instead of pushing a controversy for a headline, which is unfair. There is so much reality happening like a brutal rape case in Bihar took place – why is no one talking about the issue? A lot has been said about the Salman issue, I don’t want to add to the noise. I would rather bring notice on real issues. The real problem is us talking about how to treat out women better in India and how to treat women better generally

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Lisa Haydon, on the other hand posted a picture of protest on Instagram last week (she later deleted it), in context of the lack of reaction from women in Bollywood. This was a picture of morphed faces of silenced monkeys on Bollywood actresses standing with Salman Khan. DC also quoted her saying:

In other countries, a trigger-warning is issued before even printing or discussing the word 'rape'. In India we need to educate the NEXT generation of girls and boys on  WHY it's a powerful word, how to avoid misusing it and in this way  to learn to treat women, and their experiences equal to those of men, and with sensitivity.

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It is the result of Bollywood's leading ladies' efforts to raise the Bihar rape issue, trying their best to give it the media traction it deserves that the news of a two-finger test being conducted on the survivor came into light, based on which the doctor had filed the report that she was not raped. This test was declared illegal and irrelevant by the Supreme Court in 2013.

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