21-Year-Old Woman Shot Dead By Taliban Terrorists For Not Wearing Veil

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Woman Killed By Taliban: A 21-year-old girl named Nazaneed was killed by the Taliban Terrorists when she was on her way to the Balkh district centre in Afghanistan, as per a report by Afghanistan times. The report said that the woman was killed because she was not wearing a veil.

According to reports, the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has denied the claims. This comes amidst the Taliban’s efforts to get a strong hold of the region. Several reports have surfaced highlighting the abuse of civilians and Afghan security forces in the last few weeks. This comes after the troops of the United States of America withdrew from the region.

The Taliban has reportedly insisted on following the “genuine Islamic system” by which they mean to keep women’s rights in check with the cultural tradition and Islamic beliefs. The Islamic law of the Taliban, girls and women are prohibited from attending school. The ones accused of committing adultery are stoned to death.

As per reports, the Taliban now controls 233 districts in Afghanistan. They are now imposing the same regressive and barbaric rules of the people of the region which were active during 1996-2001 before the US invasion.

Many reports have claimed that the terrorist organisation is now forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe. They are not allowed to leave their homes without a male companion. In some regions controlled by the Taliban, shops have been asked to not sell items to women if they are not accompanied by a male relative. People who are defying such rules are publically punished.

A civil society activist Merajuddin Sharifi told Ariana News in July, “They urged women in a statement to not leave without a relative (Moharam) and also urged men to have beards.”

Recent reports claim that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) were successful in pushing the Taliban fighters back in the last 24 hours.

.On Thursday, the Afghan defence ministry claimed to have killed over 303 terrorists and wounded over 125.

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