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Non-conventional Ads

The question of whether living in this era is fortunate or not is always contested. While we have gruesome atrocities on women, we do have women marching streets showcasing women power. For me, the quest to find the answer is nothing less than a battleground. While advertisements are mostly stereotypical in nature, we do have some great work that has broken the traditional rituals.


Here are some advertisements that break all the existing stereotypes.

Anouk – “The Move” under “Bold is Beautiful” Campaign.

This brand released a series of advertisements that highlighted women from various backgrounds. A pregnant woman proving that pregnancy does not deter career. A young married woman who makes it a point to relocate for her job without sacrificing for her husband. A single mom who doesn’t care about the society but her choice. Lesbian couple being confident to meet their parents. All of the advertisements in the series are heart-warming and inspiring.


This advertisement is a move to empower the society as well as women in understanding the importance of girl education. It’s about how a woman help brings her daughter to help her in the work. The reason why she had to stop her daughter because she had to educate her sons and it would become too expensive to have all the kids educated. Kalki Koechlin, then decides to teach and help this girl while she comes to her house. It beautiful presents the idea that small things done by everyone can bring a difference.

Titan Raga #Breakthebias


Titan Raga’s #Breakthebias Campaign focus on the dark perception all of us have on women. The advertisement, in a nutshell, is about a manager suggesting a name for promotion in the board meeting. His description led to everyone else concluding that it must be a woman who has worked her way up the professional ladder. But when the candidate is called in, it turns out to be a man. The advertisement underlines the basic problem of our mindset and makes you delve into it.

Tanishq Wedding Film

This advertisement was poles apart from how any advertisement turns to be. The model was dusky which is usually quite odd in the Indian context where white is worshipped. This wedding film is about the second marriage of the women who already have a little daughter. The film breaks odds of the myth over remarriage and also how we perceive it.

Airtel Boss lady

This advertisement was considered one of the biggest hits and a turning point in representation. The Airtel Boss advertisement was about a woman being the boss of her husband and being unapologetic about getting work done. While the wife aspect of it was later shown, the very idea that the wife was a step ahead in the career ladder between the couple of was truly eye-opening to an audience which was not accustomed to anything like that before.

Samsung #Sapnehuebade


This advertisement particularly moved me. It’s about the importance of accepting and celebrating daughters as daughters rather than calling than sons. In an orthodox village family, a daughter is born as a couple’s third child. The father immediately says that this is my son. She, later becomes interested in technical engineering. While her father accepts it, another male relative denies. But still, the girl studies and proves her acumen during one the functions. The father proudly then says that she is not my son, but my daughter.

BIBA Change the Convention. #Changeisbeautiful

The BIBA advertisement helps in breaking the fact that it’s always about “seeing the girl” and not the boy. When the boy’s family pronounced that they liked the girl and would want to take it forward. The girl’s father questions whether the boy can cook and manage the house. They deny it as though its normal for a man not to know anything ahead of boiling water and making Maggi. The father denies that his daughter can’t just survive with the two. Then the boy asks for time so that he can learn and then they can come and see him! Another advertisement which highlights the boy’s family planning to gift the girl on marriage squashes the idea of dowry.

Eyetex Dazzler, Real Cosmetics for Real People.

Marriage has been portrayed as a celebration for affluent people on television. The Eyetex Dazzler advertisement focused on marriage on a girl who unfortunately has lost sight. It reassures us in the power of love and makes us comprehend that marriage is as special for even ordinary people who usually lack representation.

Ariel #Sharetheload


This campaign captured the audience’s attention with a thought-provoking phrase – “Why is laundry only a mother’s job?”. This advertisement changed the way how washing powders have conventionally advertised their product. The apology letter from the father to her daughter and the subsequent scene where he helps his own wife with his laundry makes a strong point.

Tanishq Mia #Bestatwork

This modern contemporary advertisement which focuses on all the things women are questioned at work. This advertisement is an answer to all the questions. We are fierce, competitive and no less than anyone at work is amazingly portrayed.

These advertisements definitely redefine norms and activities in our society. These are warm and has a great message and that’s exactly why it deserves all our attention!

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Reshma is an intern with SheThepeople.TV

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