Here's Why Actor-Politician Gautami Tadimalla Quit BJP After 25 Years

Gautami Tadimalla who has been associated with the political party for over two decades has called it quits and ended her association with the party.

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Gautami Tadimalla shared her official resignation letter to BJP President JP Nadda tagging Tamil Nadu President of BJP Party K Annamalai on her X account explaining her ordeal for why she has with "heavy heart " and "deep disillusionment" decided to quit her membership in the party. 


Tadimalla wrote that despite the party "rescinding" her 2021 state assembly ticket at the last minute, regardless of which she has shown her "steadfast loyalty" to the party but has now with "great pain" had to resign from the party as it is necessary for her to "fight for her and her daughter's future". 

Actor Gautami Tadimalla Quits BJP After 25 Years

Gautami Tadimalla claimed that she is in an unimaginable crisis and there is a lack of support from the party, despite her loyalty, it came to her notice that some of the senior members of the party were supporting the man who brought her into the crisis. 

The actor claimed that she has filed a "series of complaints" with the Chief Minister, FIR with the police, and has sought judicial help for her fight against C Alagappan who allegedly "swindled" her property and money for 20 years and she is now in a state of financial instability. She alleged that the party leaders were supporting him in absconding the law to bring him to justice even after 40 days of her FIR filed against him. 

Here's What Tadimalla's Resignation Statement Read

Tadimalla's explanatory note of her resignation started with her explaining her journey with the party as she said how she joined the party 25 years ago to contribute towards nation-building and despite facing challenges in her life she has "honoured the commitment". She explained how despite her loyalty to the party she stands in an "unimaginable" position where she finds herself not only standing alone without any party leaders standing with her but also supporting and helping the man who cheated her with her life earnings. 


Tadimalla Explains Fraudulence By C Algappan

Tadimalla shared she has been working since the age of 17 with her career spanning over 37 years in cinema, radio, television, and digital mediums and her purpose of working her entire life just to secure financial stability for her daughter. She added how at her age she should have been settled and financially secure looking at the work she has done explaining how she finds herself in "horror" of finding C Alagappan swindling her with money, documents, and property for 20 years. 

Tadimalla explained how C Alagappan for 20 years "insinuated" himself and his family in the guise of a caring elder person offering a helping hand to the actor who recently lost both her parents, and was a single mother with an infant baby daughter. Tadimalla explained how she was vulnerable and entrusted Algappan with the sale and documents of several of her properties but recently she found out that he had been "defrauding" her and her daughter for 20 years pretending to be welcoming them into his family. 

"Lack Of Support From The BJP"

The actor revealed how upon discovering the defrauding with her financial assets, she further took steps like every other Indian citizen does following the laws, rules, and processes with faith in receiving justice. 

She claimed that many of the party's senior leaders have been enabling Algappan to abscond law even after 40 days of her filing the complaints. She added that she has still pinned hope on the CM and law order to help her get justice. 


She ended her note expressing her deep sorrow but "firm resolve" as she is fighting for her daughter's future as a single mother. 

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