CAA Activist Safoora Zargar MPhil Admission Cancelled

Safoora Zargar Admission Cancelled
The activist Safoora Zargar’s MPhil admission was cancelled on 29 August. Jamia Millia Islamia’s Department of Sociology denied the extension of the Mphil thesis submission.

She also claimed university being discriminating against her. Zargar reacted to the institute’s decision on Twitter. 

Zargar posted the letter and tweeted– “Let it be known, it breaks my heart but not my spirit. The usually snail-paced Jamia admin moving at light speed to cancel my admission, foregoing all due process,” she further added while sharing a notice by Jamia which approves the admission cancellation of Zargar and cites three reasons for the same.”

The letter by Jamia Millia Islamia articulated that the cancellation came in due to her unsatisfactory progress report. Also, failed to apply for an extension before the expiry of the stipulated period. She was unable to submit her dissertation within the mandated period.

The letter stated- The scholar did not submit her M.Phil dissertation. Hence, the registration of Ms. Safoora Zargar from M.Phil./Ph.D. (Sociology) stands cancelled w.e.f. 22 August 2022 in anticipation of the approval of the same of the Faculty Committee. 

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Safoora Zargar Admission Cancelled, Denied Extention

Zargar claimed that the extension for the Mphil thesis submission was put on hold for over eight months. Over a phone call with PTI, Zargar said, “she has been informed by RAC verbally that she is not being granted an extension.” The 29-year-old also claimed that the administration used derogatory words called her a dangai (rioter).

Safoora Zargar participated in the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. She was arrested for making an inflammatory speech on 23 February 2020. Also, accused of her involvement in the Delhi riots. For the same, she was charged under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and was in Delhi police’s custody from 10 April to 20 June 2020. Zargar was three months pregnant during her arrest. Zargar hails from Jammu and Kashmir. She is an MPhil student and a media coordinator of the Jamia Coordination Committee. She started her M.Phil in 2019, due to protest and other subsequent events struggled to complete MPhil.