Aam Aadmi Party May Give 40% Tickets To Women In Goa

Poorvi Gupta
Mar 04, 2019 08:13 IST
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Goa Convener and South Goa candidate for the Lok Sabha elections, Elvis Gomes of Aam Aadmi Party hinted that the party may give 40% tickets to women in the state in the next election. He also requested women to come forth and show their capabilities by taking up party work. Gomes said this on Saturday during an interaction he had with women in Margao who came in large numbers to attend the event.


After a woman questioned the party’s inadequacy in fielding women representatives as both the candidates proposed for the Lok Sabha elections were men, Gomes made this declaration. He also talked about entrepreneurship and the issue of jobs in the state. He said that rather than making lofty promises on jobs, his focus is to create impact through entrepreneurship coaching centres so more and more people start opening their own startups and become income generators, reported Herald Goa.

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“AAP can assure you that we shall not permit any advertisements that show women in a cheap or vulgar manner.”


During the session, some women also objected now how tourism advertisements of Goa often show women in a questionable manner limiting their worth to their bodies, to which Gomes said, “AAP can assure you that we shall not permit any advertisements that show women in a cheap or vulgar manner,” he said adding that they would strongly oppose trance parties and casino promotion for tourists.

Apart from that, he also promised a functioning Women’s commission in South Goa besides strengthening and increasing the number of women police stations in the State.

“While we are made to stand in queues in Goa, the Delhi government offers home service for 70 different services where the public servant will come to the house to collect the necessary document and photographs and also deliver the service,” he added.

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