Aamir Khan breaks silence on the Uber Rape Case

One of the biggest stars in the Indian Film Industry, actor-director, Aamir Khan, has broken silence on the Uber Rape case. The Satyamev Jayate creator and host, has been active in talking about the social evils in the Indian society and even hosted a special episode in his show to talk about the violence against women, last year.


Aamir Khan is known for portraying women and children in positive and powerful roles in his films. In an interview in Hyderabad, Aamir Khan showed remorse over incidents such as these and urged the government to prioritize the security of women. The actor said, “What has happened in Delhi is really unfortunate. Each time I read something like this, my heart bleeds. It is really sad.”


He added, “If we want the rate of such incidents to come down, then one of the important things we need to do is (facilitate) a high rate of conviction. In the cases of crime against women or children, the first thing we have to do is to have fast track courts,” according to a report by The Indian Express.


[Picture Courtesy: Muslim Mirror]


In the recent past, many Bollywood celebrities have spoken against the treatment of women in our country and victim shaming. Model and actor #ShehnazTreasurywala recently wrote an open letter to the most powerful men in the country, urging them to take action towards ensuring women’s safety. Other actors like Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor too, have spoken up on the issue.


Despite constant promises by the Indian government and the police, incidents such as the #Uber rape are occurring on daily basis. With many celebrities now breaking silence on the issue, one can hope that stricter laws will be put into place to ensure a better and safer environment for women in the country.