A wheelchair didn’t stop her good run in exams: 18 year old Chaithra’s inspiring tale

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It’s a heartening tale of the never-say-die spirit, where a young girl has surpassed the obstacles of poverty and disability to achieve excellence. 18 year old Chaitra, hailing from the small village of Kaudichar has scored 90% in her finals from the government PU College in Kumbra, Karnataka.  A family background where her father is a labourer and mother rolls beedis for a living meant that Chaitra had to walk 5 km every day to the nearest school. However an accident when she was in class 7 where she fell down the stairs, confined her to a wheelchair. Her family though stepped up and managed to shell out the Rs.100 needed for her transportation to school every day.

Her determination to study has paid off since then. She cleared her SSLC with 486 marks, and then got admission at the government college. With her excellent results in the finals, she now has more ambitions.  “I want to do my BA and then become an IAS officer,” Chaithra said to Bangalore Mirror.

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The College staff and students have been extremely supportive of Chaithra as well, the college in fact built a ramp to give her easy access. Post this result, the next step for her is crucial.  The principal of her college, N Duggappa, said “We have called her parents to the college and will guide them. The best option before her is to go to a private college in Puttur as government colleges in the area lack facilities. Considering the distance (about 25 km, one way), they would either have to arrange for her travel or take a place on rent nearby.”

Here’s hoping Chaithra can continue her studies, and fulfil her dreams!

Feature Image Credit: Bangalore Mirror