A Village Where All Property Is Owned By Women

Latur drought crisis

In Maharashtra’s Latur district, there is a village which is run and owned by women. Every house and field is in the name of a woman in Anandwadi.

“Like we bring the goddess Laxmi to our house every Diwali, we decided to honour our Laxmis (wives/daughters) by taking this decision. Women shouldn’t feel the need to be dependent on anyone, since they run the home. Why shouldn’t they also own it? This will also help to get rid of the patriarchal mindset of people,” Gram Sabha member, Nyanoba Chame, told TOI. 

The village has around 165 homes and the population of the village is only around 635 people.

The villagers started transferring their houses to the women in the family after a mere suggestion in a Gram Sabha meeting. The names of the women are outside the doors of every house, and this has now become the norm in Anandwadi.

The village seems to be a utopia of sorts. It hasn’t had a police case in over 15 years. As many as 410 people have pledged their organs for donation after death. Also, smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco are banned. The villagers all contribute towards weddings, so that any one family does not get burdened with the entire cost. The village even conducts mass weddings.

This village is quite an anomaly in a country where a majority of women still don’t have their own property. We need more examples like Anandwadi, where people live well and are happy!

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