What's the pepper spray for the internet? Safety issues for Indian women

Aditi Desai
New Update
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Ever wondered that you were watching a movie with your family sitting in living room and you suddenly get surrounded by strangers, keeping an eye on your personal life?  Sounds uncomfortable, right? That is what actually happens to us when we pick our phones and click on the data button.


Pepper spray will protect us in real world, but there is no pepper spray in the brutal reality of virtual world?

Internet is a boon but if there is boon then there is also a term called bane. Internet, social networking sites and online platforms connected us to people with whom we wanted to connect but also linked us to users who can misuse our data. Cyberbullying, harassment, personal data hacking, password trafficking happens every day. Cyber security is not just a term associated with IT or computer professionals but every person using internet should know this.

Gone are the days when hackers were 8th wonder of the  world. Now pick up a location on map and you'll find a hacker there. There are number of black hat hackers waiting for you to be careless for once. Victims of cyber attacks loose their information such as credit card number, personal  data, pictures, e identity and what not. This leads to economical loss, mental disorders and you name it. Cyberbullying becomes a path for the destination of suicide. It is found that around 35 % of children between 11-17 are bullied online.

It's high time to realize that a password is never enough to keep you safe. Each one of us must protect our identity, secure our PC and protect our important data in a secure disk but still the right key to open the door and get into the walls of safety is being careful. Being the future, let us contribute to a safer internet because a safer internet is  good for all and need for all

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