A poster helps you understand what makes you a bad girl

Moral policing in India is as common as common littering on the road. From parents to teachers to religious gurus everyone seems to know how others need to act in order to be a good citizen. Sadly women are the first ones to be told how to act and what to say. Thanks to social media, it’s now easy for non-celebrities to share their views on such subjects in the world.


Recently¸ a poster depicting things a ‘bad girl’ would do, went viral on social media. This was ideated as part of a project by a group of five students of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. Almost like a spoof on the posters that were available throughout the country, depicting good and bad habits, the posters illustrates 12 things bad girls do.


'Bad Girl' Picture By: I Diva

‘Bad Girl’
Picture By: I Diva

So according to the poster, a ‘Bad girl’

  • Pouts
  • Smokes and drinks
  • Eats too less
  • Watches pornography
  • Can’t make round rotis
  • Has breasts
  • Eats too much
  • Goes to Goa
  • Goes outside with her hair open
  • Letches at other boys
  • Falls in love in a park
  • Rides a motorbike


“It was purely coincidental that the poster went viral at a time when many opposed the censorship of AIB roast. However, for us, none of this was planned. We were surprised when it generated so much response,” said Furqan Jawed, third year student of Visual Arts at the institute. He added, “The fact that a woman is outrageous and clad in a saree… we wanted to present these ironies in the project.”


Whatever the intention was the poster, which is viral on all social media sites now, is both funny and smart. It will be futile to hope that one poster could speak some sense into the various ‘godmen’ present in our country but it is definitely nice to know that there is adequate Ying to their Yang in terms of opinions in India.

[Feature Picture Courtesy: I Diva]



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