According to new Census data, 97% of the 224 million Indians who migrated after marriage were women.

 4 out of 10 Indians are migrants, and marriage is the most common reason for migrating. 49% of Indians migrate for marriage. In contrast only 10% move for work, i.e 46.4 million Indians. So the perception that work is the biggest reason for people turns out to be false

Of the population that moved for work, only 16 percent from female. But of the 4.3 million Indians who migrated for business, 26 percent were female.

Women constituted 40 percent of Indians who migrated for education.

There are around 228 million female rural migrants, out of which 78 percent migrated for marriage.

According to IndiaSpend, women from urban areas marry more than two years later than women from rural areas. The median age for marriage for urban women was 18.8 years compared to 16.4 years for rural women, according to the National Family Health Survey 2005-06.

Between 2001 and 20111 around 139 million Indians migrated within the country. 69 percent of them were women who migrated of marriage. Rural to urban migration accounted for 18 percent of total migration. 

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