83-Year-Old Man Remarries Wife To Aid Her Memory

Charvi Kathuria
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Pabitra Nandi, an octogenarian living in Kolkata, has decided to remarry his wife Gita Nandi in a bid to revive her memory and help her recall the beautiful journey the couple had taken together.


They had tied the marital knot 55 years ago at Nandi's ancestral house in Dum Dum with only Gita's cousin present at the event. Gita continued to study medicine and became a doctor three years later. The couple had married against their parents' wishes. They do not have children.

Five decades later, the couple exchanged garlands at their Rabindranagar residence at Dum Dum.

The wife's ailment

The wife is suffering from Alzheimer's which has slowly wiped off her memory over the last seven years.

The couple's occupation

Nandi would work as a botany officer. He remained busy with his students. Gita was employed as a doctor. After she retired from B R Singh Hospital, Gita joined politics.


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"As a practising doctor, she could remember details of her patients even six months after seeing them. But when the disease struck her, she could not even recollect our relatives," said Nandi.

"She was nominated the chairman-in-council for the municipality, and that kept her very busy throughout the day. One day, she complained that she was forgetting things. I thought it was quite normal with ageing. But it started getting worse and I suspected it was something else," Nandi said. Over the next few years, she gradually lost every memory she had.

Couple's philanthropic endeavours

The childless couple has used all of their savings to set up a charitable trust that funds needy students. They have even vacated the first floor of their two-storey house for the trust.

We salute the husband's endeavour to look after his wife in the twilight years and hope Gita regains her memory.
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