8 simple ways to make a good impression

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First impression could be the last impression in some situations. Jhanvi Shah reflects on eight simple ways to do so.

Creating a good impression is always the first and foremost way of making sure that people remember you! Especially as a new employee, entrepreneur or a marketer. It is important that first impression at work is appealing and strong enough for your associates  to lookup to you as an inspiration . Here are a few tips which can help you create great impression at work: As Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”

Well Dressed

A well dressed person will always be noticed, being well dressed doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothes or having expensive handbags or shoes, dressing according to one’s body shape, figuring out which color gives your complexion a finer look,  simple accessory  makes one noticeable .

Mannered And Well Spoken

Office etiquettes should be kept in mind , a person  yelling on top of His/ Her voice or a person with poor hygiene wouldn’t be appreciated , to create a good impression make sure that you mannered , formal and hygienic .

Right attitude

A positive attitude can help you conquer the world, make sure that you create a positive atmosphere around you, not only will it help you to create a good image but also help you in achieving the target, give a helping hand rather than belittling someone on his or her mistake.


When it comes to joining somewhere new,  try to communicate with every one possible. Rather than keeping yourself restricted in communicating to only a few people. This not only helps one understand the work culture but will also help  a person in broaden ones horizon. When it comes to communicating or networking it doesn’t mean one should indulge in to office gossip, as it doesn’t create a good impression in the long run. The aim should be to learn from everyone and grow wiser and not be a gossip monger.

Try learning from the mistake you commit

It’s necessary that you take the responsibility of the errors that you make; blaming others won’t get you anywhere. Openly accept your mistakes will create an impression of you being wiser.

Have Queries

Having questions a good thing. If its you’re first week at work make sure you ask as many questions as you need, don’t shy away and wait to make a big mistake, asking sensible questions will show the amount of  potential you have  and you’re interest in making it big.

Learn to keep calm

The real test is when you work under pressure, learn to be calm and composed while working under pressure this will leave a long lasting impression on every one who works with you.

Don’t fake it

Be yourself, faking an accent or showing off you’re expensive valuables will just make you a topic of gossip at work. Be yourself and that’s how people will appreciate you & you’re work.

Jhanvi Shah is an intern with She The People