8 Shows on Netflix India with Badass Female Leads

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Female-Centric Shows 2018

Showbiz, almost always had the male lead as the protagonist of a show or a movie. There have been those rare gems that have focussed on women, and those remain most interesting stories to watch.


As Netflix makes its way into the Indian market - there is just so much for us to choose from. We’ve shelled out the eight such shows that are worth watching because of their badass female leads. We hope you will enjoy them.

publive-image Orange is the New Black // Pic credit:

Orange is the New Black

One of Netflix’s original and most successful series, it revolves around the stories of women in an American prison with Piper Chapman at the centre. This Jenji Kohan’s show is a game changer - the inmates are from all ethnicities, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and each of them has a unique story to tell.

Trust us, this show has some badass women, and it is super entertaining!


publive-image Weeds // Pic credit:


This is another show by Jenji Kohan. Weeds' protagonist Nancy Botwin makes some bad parenting choices, but she is still a bold, crazy and unpredictable woman and that’s what makes the show so different and exciting!


publive-image House of Cards // Pic credits:

House of Cards

You may think that this show is about Frank Underwood, but you’re missing the point. His wife Claire Underwood is as important to the show! She is strong, ruthless and deals with so much. One could say, she is the female Frank - the show wouldn’t have been such a hit if it wasn’t for her.

publive-image Top of the Lake // Pic credits:

Top of the Lake

This chilling mini-series starring Elisabeth Moss is a story based in New Zealand. It revolves around the disappearance of a teen in a small town. Moss herself is a troubled detective who helps solve the mystery. It’s worth watching this twisted and sinister show just for Moss’s acting and the beautiful cinematography.

publive-image Marvel's Jessica Jones // Pic credits:

Jessica Jones

Another Netflix original, this show is about a former superhero who now is a private detective. Jessica Jones deals with topics like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and alcoholism. Jessica is not perfect, and that’s what makes this show exciting and realistic.


publive-image Stranger Things // Pic credits:

Stranger Things

Released last year, this show has become Netflix’s most popular original series. A sci-fi mystery, the show’s main character - Eleven or El - is a wonderful actor. This popular show also features Winona Ryder.

publive-image How to get away with Murder // Pic credits:

How to Get Away with Murder

Professor Annalise Keating, is a strong and daring woman, a defence attorney and teaches law at a University in Philadelphia. Played by Viola Davis, Annalise does have her moments of weakness and that’s what makes the show so realistic. "How to get away with Murder" is a must watch for anyone who enjoys thrillers and mysteries.


publive-image Orphan Black // Pic credits:

Orphan Black

This show is worth watching solely for Tatiana Maslany’s acting prowess. She plays so many roles that we have lost count. The story revolves around a conspiracy involving clones, and each of them played by Tatiana. She has worked hard to make this series a success, and with the popularity of the show, we can see how her hard work is paying off.

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