Bengaluru Police Arrest Man Accused Of Killing 70-Year-Old Woman For Jewellery

An elderly woman's body, chopped into five pieces, was discovered stuffed inside a plastic drum. Allegations surfaced suggesting that the prime suspect, Deenesh, committed this murder with the motive of pilfering Susheelamma's valuable jewellery.

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The lifeless body of a 70-year-old woman, identified as Susheelamma, was discovered in a plastic drum near an abandoned building in the vicinity of Nisarga Layout, KR Puram, late Sunday. The suspect, Deenesh, a 40-year-old acquaintance, now stands accused of perpetrating this heinous crime, driven by a covetous desire for Susheelamma's precious jewellery, sending shockwaves across the area, instilling a sense of fear and disbelief among residents. 


The Discovery

The ghastly scene unfolded as residents stumbled upon the ghastly sight of Susheelamma's dismembered remains, sending shock and horror rippling through the neighbourhood. Her severed limbs were discovered within the confines of a plastic drum, ominously devoid of a lid, mere steps away from her residence on II Main Road in Nisarga Layout. The proximity of the crime scene to her abode only amplifies the sense of vulnerability pervading the community.

Susheelamma, a dedicated BJP worker, resided in a flat on II Main Road in Nisarga Layout. The victim's younger daughter and granddaughter occupied another apartment within the same complex. The police have revealed that Susheelamma's severed limbs were found within a plastic drum without a lid, approximately 200 feet away from her residence. 

Murder Motive and Investigation

The investigative process has discovered a few potential leads that may shed light on the motive behind this brutal act,  revealing that Deenesh and Susheelamma shared a camaraderie as local BJP workers, frequently traversing the line between professional acquaintanceship and personal friendship. Their interactions extended to mutual visits, forging a seemingly unsuspecting bond. The motive behind the heinous act stemmed from Deenesh's awareness of Susheelamma's recent windfall.

Susheelamma had also mentioned to a neighbour just days before her death that she was expecting some money soon. The neighbour, Munirathnamma, recalled, "I spoke to her three days ago. She told me she was about to get some money in a few days. Her lawyer had informed her she'd get the money."


As the elderly woman openly shared news of a substantial financial gain, including the acquisition of new ornaments, Deenesh succumbed to the lure of avarice, harbouring the belief that these newfound treasures were crafted in gold.

On a fateful Saturday morning, Deenesh invited Susheelamma to his residence under the pretext of a temple visit, as the victim's younger daughter reported that Susheelamma would occasionally go to temples for a day or two. Little did she know that this innocent gesture masked a malicious plan. Once inside, Deenesh brutally murdered Susheelamma, seizing her jewellery with the intent of selling it. Upon realising that the majority of the ornaments were 'rolled gold,' Deenesh only managed to fetch Rs 11,500 for a solitary gold piece, which he promptly sold to a pawnbroker. His desperate financial situation, fueled by the loss of employment during the pandemic, drove him to commit this unimaginable crime.

With his ill-gotten gains in hand, Deenesh returned home, gruesomely dismembering Susheelamma's body and attempting a hasty disposal. Plastic-wrapped limbs found their way into Avalahalli Lake, while the rest, submerged in chemicals, were crammed into a blue drum. The intention was to discard the evidence on Sunday, but an unexpected discovery by a vigilant local thwarted the plan. Surveillance footage captured him transporting the blue drum, strategically positioned near both his residence and Susheelamma's, tying him directly to the crime scene. The police, armed with this crucial evidence, swiftly moved to arrest Deenesh.

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