7 Entrepreneurs Want This To Change in 2017

Poorvi Gupta
Jan 04, 2017 05:37 IST
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Entrepreneurship has seen a drastic transformation with the advent of a more fun and fashionable term- Startup coming in. Today, we are seeing so many entrepreneurs emerging in our own country itself. And not just that, the government’s push to entrepreneurship and leaning down policies has been the driving forces in the right directions.


Now as we move forward and welcome the next year, here are some of the changes these entrepreneurs are looking forward to:

Seema Chaturvedi Seema Chaturvedi, Accelerator Group

  • Seema Chaturvedi of Accelerator  Group

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME FOR WOMEN - I am looking forward to putting together the All India Road show for Economic Empowerment of Women (which is) funded by the US government. The funding is to ensure entrepreneurship as a career option for young women in India. Especially for women living in tier two and tier three cities where it may not be amenable for women to seek a career or the paths of career are not well-defined.

"Never take a no to be a no. It is a no for that particular day and that particular time"

Suchi Mukherjee Suchi Mukherjee

  • Suchi Mukherjee, founder of Limeroad

CHANGE IN ONLINE FASHION WORLD - LimeRoad has grown 3-4x this year (2016) whilst driving towards profitability, and will emerge as the only company to hold its GMV in November despite demonetization. (2017) is going to be super interesting. The dynamics of the online fashion world will change materially, with LimeRoad firmly emerging as a leader in fast fashion. We are today the fastest and most consistently growing business in the fashion space, and have managed to do this while solidifying our path to profitability.

"I am up dreaming of all the possibilities of building a truly extensive fast fashion platform"

Nidhi Agarwal Kaaryah Nidhi Agarwal Kaaryah, Pic by SheThePeople

  • Nidhi Agarwal, Founder of Kaaryah

REMAINING STEADFAST-Honest hard work never goes waste. 2016 has been an year of challenge and resurgence on the back of relentless hard work. For 2017, I am looking forward to remaining steadfast in our purpose to become a recognized brand and do good business in a responsible way.

"Entrepreneurship is the hardest proof of the fact that passion exists in the real world and cannot be shaken, some people call it stubbornness"


Radhika Agarwal Radhika Agarwal, Pic by SheThePeople

  • Radhika Agarwal of Shopclues

BHARAT COMING ONLINE- It is going to be the year where we show much more growth and the Bharat that we are focussed on comes online in a very big way especially with the digitization of the payment system. We are expecting a lot more people move to e-commerce.

"Show up every day because you will be surprised with the number of people who give up"

Aruna Sundararajan Aruna Sundararajan (Pic by STP)

  • Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary of Ministry of Electronics and IT

SPECIAL NETWORKS- I look forward to having more networks for women where they can share their experiences and mentor each other. Also I want to see the Digital India and the digital space in general open up many spaces for women entrepreneurs.

It is a pity that women excel at team building and yet they are seen in such small numbers at the higher levels.

Shikha Sharma Shikha Sharma

  • Shikha Sharma of Nutrihealth

FUNDING- We are going for our second round of funding. We got funded last year which was Round A now we are going for a Round B funding. And we are also building software which will work in a more enhanced manner.

"Convince yourself first that you can do something, rest will fall in place"

Sudakshina Sinha Sudakshina Sinha

  • Sudakshina Sinha of Studio Coppre

SUSTAINABILITY- We need to be sustainable. Today we are not sustainable as we would like to be. We are looking forward to phenomenal sales growth. Also, we want to aim at the bulk buying market as we haven’t done this before so it would be more of a B to B focus for us in the next year.

"Story-telling is a must when bringing out artisans and their work"


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