6 Cool Gadgets That Can Help You in Self-Defense

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With ever growing crime rate, it is important to learn self- defense and keep yourself equipped with gadgets and apps that are helpful and useful during an emergency situation. As a young working woman, I do this all the time. Experts say that many times a little presence of mind and confidence we can easily avoid an attacking situation. They say that panicking in such situations can do more advantage to the attacker, he/she can effortlessly take control over you. Having a gadget, or knowing self-defense tactic can give you the much needed reassurance, and will help you fight against the attacker.

So some of the cool devices/apps, that we can use for self-defense are:

1) Hairbrush Dagger: It’s a two-in one hair brush + dagger, looks like a comb, buy when you pull out the handle a dagger shows up, easy to use, and importantly non suspicious. It can cause enough pain for you to have a chance to escape, but it’s not lethal and thus safe to use.

Tools for Women For Self Defense

Tools for Women For Self Defense

2) Pepper spray: This is great as you can use it from arm’s length, thus still having safe distance from the attacker, mover over you don’t have to be physically very strong to use it. It’s inflammatory but nontoxic, it will give an itching and burning sensation for about half an hour, giving you enough time to run away, and still won’t cause any permanent damage.

Pepper Spray by Defense Express

Pepper Spray by Defense Express

3) Stunt guns: They are small pocket size instruments coming in various shapes, they can give an electric shock to the person when pressed against their skin, and this shock can leave them unconscious for a time enough for you to escape, but again won’t cause any irreversible damage.

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4) Pull-out batons: It is yet another device that looks harmless but can deliver a strong enough shock, it is adjustable, so you can still maintain a safe distance from the attacker while giving him an electric shock, and making him paralyzed for few minutes, giving yourself enough time to escape.

5) Whistle or personal alarm: This comes in various shapes, a key chain a stick, etc. etc. on pressing the button it creates a sound loud enough for anyone near the vicinity to hear, this can help get you a prompt help, it can even scare away the attacker fearing the consequences. But this is not the best gadget to rely on as it depends on other people for help, it is best to couple it with some other gadget, blowing off the whistle will make him think twice before attacking, buying you some time to promptly plan your next move.

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6) Self-defense and Tracking apps: There are many apps available on app store that gives you lesson on self-defense, or teaches you few trick that can be used in real life situation. There is an app called circle of 6, you can add 6 people as your emergency contact, and whenever you feel you’re stuck in a potential danger situation, you can with a single click in the button can send your location information immediately as an emergency message to 6 people at one go. There is another app called footprint that let’s your friends or family track the location as it is moving, it can even create an alert when you move away from the geomarked boundaries, which means that you can set a pattern in the app of your everyday travel, and whenever you move away from the marked area it will send an alert to your contacts with your current location.

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So keep all the gadgets handy, but make sure to train yourself for self-defense, there are many workshops and classes conducted on martial arts and self-defense techniques specially to teach women self-protection and to increase their core strength, because gadgets can help you only if you have enough strength to use them, or it won’t take much time for the attacker to take it away from the delicate hand. Gadgets are your aid, not your solution remember that.