Watch: 58-Year-Old Canadian Woman's Record Breaking Plank Of 4.5 Hours

Canada's Donna Jean Wilde held a plank in the abdominal position for 4 hours and 30 minutes and created a new world record. The previous record was held by Dana Glowacka in 2019.

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Donna Jean Wilde makes the Guinness World Record! Image Credits: Left (CTV News), Right (City News)

A 58-year-old Canadian woman broke the Guinness World Record made by Dana Glowacka in 2019 by an extra 10 minutes. Donna Jean Wilde held an abdominal plank position for 4 hours 30 minutes and 11 seconds. She made this record in a high school where she formerly served as the vice principal before retiring. The Guinness World Record posted on their site, "A grandmother from Alberta, Canada, has broken the world record for the longest time in an abdominal plank position (female)."


Donna Makes World Record While Suffering From Chronic Pain

According to the Guinness World Records website the correct form for holding an abdominal plank position is, "To successfully achieve the record, the challenger’s forearms and toes must touch the ground at all times. The remainder of the body must be lifted off the ground and be kept straight throughout."

After successfully completing the record Donna talked about her experience and said, "My elbows hurt pretty bad," and "I was so worried about losing my form, and I think that’s why my quads hurt because I was just really tense." She also mentioned how it was easier for her to hold the position for the first few hours but the last hour was pretty challenging "The last hour was the most challenging, just to stay focussed and keep my form." She further mentioned how she focused on "breathing, staying calm, and not shaking," during the last 30 minutes.

What surprised us was how Donna made a World record while suffering from chronic pain in her hands and arms. 12 years ago, Donna Jean cracked her wrist and since then suffers from chronic pain in her arms and hands. While she was recovering from the broken wrist 12 years ago she realised she couldn't lift weights or run which made her discover planks!

She said she fell in love with planks because she could read and do things while holding planks. Donna also revealed she watched movies and studied for her masters degree all while holding a plank position. Her husband Randy said, "That chronic pain and numbness that she deals with every day has helped her to be able to plank through the pain." 


She explained how she practised making this record by holding a 6-hour plank in two shifts. She would hold three hour planks everyday at once and another set of three hour planks to gain strength and persevere through the pain. When asked how she felt after setting this record, she said, "I actually still can’t believe it," and how "It feels like a dream."

She further advised people who are willing to make records and break hers as well by saying that they should too hold planks while reading or using laptops. "Keep trying and keep practising. When you have to read or work on your computer, get on the floor and do it on the floor." Donna's experience and strength have inspired all of us, along with her trick of doing mundane activities while holding planks to distract yourself from the pain. 


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