Meet Arshia Goswami, Youngest Weightlifter In India Stuns Internet With 60 Kg Deadlift

Arshia Goswami
Eight-year-old Arshia Goswami from Haryana’s Panchkula has turned heads by displaying great tenacity and strength in the weightlifting challenge. In a recent viral video, Goswami can be seen effortlessly lifting a 60-kg deadlift. Her pristine technique and unwavering focus have left viewers awestruck.

Sharing the video on her Instagram handle, Arshia Goswami captioned it, “Still the youngest and strongest girl.” Goswami, wearing a blue t-shirt and multi-coloured gym shorts, can be seen lifting the 60 kg deadlift in one go and holding it for a moment before throwing it down. She then confidently walks towards the camera with pride and passion.

Meet Arshia Goswami, Youngest Weightlifter In India

At the age of six, she set the record for the youngest deadlift by lifting 45 kg in 2021. Her achievement has been registered in the Indian Book of Records. The Olympic medal aspirant is passionate about taekwondo and powerlifting.

Her father, Goswami, manages her Instagram handle. Arshia Goswami’s interest in weightlifting began when she accompanied her father, a licenced fitness trainer, to his regular workouts. Six months after watching her father work out, she began deadlifting at the age of six. She lifted 45 kg at such a tender age.

In another Instagram post, it is mentioned that Olympic medalist Mirabai Chanu is her inspiration. She said that she loves weightlifting and enjoys it a lot. She added that today she is the youngest weightlifter in the country and hopes to win gold at the Olympics for India in the future. She also won bronze in a state-level weightlifting tournament at the age of 8.

Reacting to her trending video, one user commented that they praised Arshia Goswami for her impeccable talent and said that she would definitely become an incredible athlete in the future. They also complimented her parents for being supportive. Another user complimented her on her “outstanding performance,” and a third user complimented the boldness in her eyes and thanked her for being an inspiration.

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Image Credits: Arshia Goswami via Instagram