Corona Warriors: Odisha Woman Farmer Distributes Her Produce For Free

Woman Farmer Chhayarani Sahoo

Chhayarani Sahoo is distributing vegetables she cultivates in her seven acres land to needy people who are struggling amid the ongoing lockdown. So far, she has successfully distributed 50 quintals of vegetables in at least 15 villages in five panchayats including Lunga, Brahmanigaon, Binayakpur and some wards in Basudevpur municipality. Chhayarani plans to continue the distribution during the rest of the lockdown period.

The 57-year-old woman farmer from Bhadrak, Odisha told the OTV “As I am a farmer, I don’t have enough money and therefore I am trying to help people with whatever I can.”

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Chhayarani Sahoo Donates vegetables

Chhayarani Sahoo saw people contributing to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister’s relief fund. She also wanted to do something for those suffering in such times of distress. Hence, she decided to donate the vegetables she cultivates in her farm.

“People are contributing to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister’s relief fund. Since I do not have cash in hand, I decided to contribute to the society by distributing vegetables from my farm among villagers. It gives me immense pleasure as people appreciate my endeavour and bless my children,” she told the NewIndian express.

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Donating milk

Apart from donating vegetables, Chhayarani also took to distributing milk among the villagers and to police personnel deployed in lockdown duty when the local dairy society was closed.

How does she work?

Chhayarani is accompanied by a group of volunteers. She moves around in a van with packets of vegetables which are distributed at the doorsteps of villagers. The packets contain brinjal, lady’s finger, tomato, green chilli, onion, a piece of pumpkin and cucumber.

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About Chhayarani Sahoo

Chhayarani, a mother of four children, has been growing vegetables in her seven-acre farmland for the last two decades. She is also into dairy farming and rears 20 cows. Her husband Sarbeswar Sahu helps her in farming and runs a milk society.

Every year, the family earns more than Rs 3 lakh from vegetable farming. This time, they could only manage to sell some of their produce worth Rs 50,000 due to lack of demand in the local market following lockdown and rise of online sale of vegetables. “As traders wanted to procure our produce at a lower price, we decided to distribute the vegetables among the poor for free,” she said. 

“The coronavirus outbreak has put society’s value to test. In these times of crisis, people should look out for each other and put the interests of the wider community ahead of personal gains.” 

People praise her gesture

The locals have appreciated the noble work of her family. “Her work during the coronavirus crisis is praiseworthy. This will encourage others to lend a helping hand and support each other,” said Sambit Mohanty, a local leader.

The total number of active coronavirus cases has risen to 17,357 in India (as of writing this report) while close to 560 people have lost their lives.

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Saumya Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV