5-Year-Old Indian-Origin Girl Makes Cards For Nursing Home Residents

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Aryana Chopra, a 5-year-old Indian-origin girl makes cards to cheer up people residing at a local nursing home. The girl lives in Vestal, New York, and decided to add a little colour and joy in the lives of these people. People now call her a ‘little angel’ for making them happy during the year-end festive season.

It was this kind gesture which occupied Chopra’s winter vacation. She made 200 beautifully, decorated cards for the nursing home people who couldn’t meet their loved ones during New Year celebrations. Besides that, she also used up her savings in buying decorations and a New Year’s cake for the residents.

Aryana’s mother Shachi Chopra helped her by finding out the number of residents living in the nursing home. Shachi said that she one day saw her daughter drawing busily. When she inquired about it, she was positively moved by Aryana’s sweet gesture. The little girl happily agreed to make the cards for 200 people after her mother gave her the figure for the nursing home people.

The girl was determined to bring a smile on the faces of these people in the midst of tough times. Her father delivered her cards and other goodies to the nursing home. The family was hailed for making some lives brighter during the new year. They also received lots of photos of people who received the cards and gifts.

The Covid-19 pandemic turned many people into real-life heroes. In India, many people made us restore faith in humanity. Seethakka, an MLA of Mulug, Telangana made it a point to donate groceries to people who were stuck in the forests of Telangana. Social workers all over India did everything in their power to arrange food packets and distribute them among the poor and the needy. Bollywood actors like Sonu Sood, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn made generous contributions to help people survive through the pandemic.

Image credit: Indian Express

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