5 Awesome Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation!

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All of us have had to make presentations at different points in our lives. Be it at school, work, or somewhere else, but for some of us often found it as an uphill task. Thus, we miss out on the chance to advance our credentials and careers.

Read on to know the top five tips that will help you make a killer presentation!!


Have a good Opening

Most people stop listening after the first 10 minutes of a presentation. Have your hands by your side so that your audience can trust you and feels comfortable. Start with a strong introduction and tell the audience what you can do for them. They want something that they can take home, so let them know, what you are offering. It does take some time to build your confidence, so practice with your friends, taking in their suggestions.

Nobody nails it in their first try, practice it till you memorize your lines, and the timing of the presentation.

Get to Know your Audience

Try and understand the kind of content they’d be interested in. With different audiences, comes different expectations and their interests or positions. Try and alter your presentation, to fit their interests, this will boost your presentation and help you connect with them. Use the cultural differences to your advantage to come up with examples which appeal to your audience.

Make eye contact people will take note of you more.



Visuals are a great tool to lock in your ideas in the audiences’ brains, use charts, diagrams, graphs, and illustrate the concepts that you are speaking upon. Without imagery, it might lead to a boring presentation, as compared to being more engaging with the impact of visuals.

 An image can have a far more powerful impact and portray your message to the audience.

Have a Story to Tell

Convey the information to your audience by using a story. It helps gain their attention. A story proves to be interesting and relatable, helping you make a great presentation, rather than an average one. Being pedantic will cause the audience to lose interest. Give them something to look at, in a power point, and don’t read the points out to them, explain what your points are about, after giving them a moment to read the slide. This will keep your audience engaged.

Let your personality shine through your presentation.


Be Relatable

This is a very important and effective method to deliver your point across to your audience. Even as an expert, you have to be relatable. Nobody feels comfortable talking to a stern authoritative figure.  Be authentic and people will be far more engrossed. When you come across as relaxed, it goes a long way.

Delivering a presentation in front of a room full of people can be intimidating, but preparing well is the key to crack it.

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