5 Things to Know About Theresa May

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A member of the Conservative Party, Theresa May is the second female Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher beat her to be first female PM of UK. Known to be opinionated and strong-headed, Theresa May has reached the top of the ladder by sheer intelligence, hard work and resilience. Her political accolades are well known globally; let's take a look at some quick GK facts about this woman in power who is chosen to lead UK forward.


- An advocator of women's rights, Theresa May has been vocal about issues like equal pay, shared parenting leave, violence against women and aiming to form laws that benefit women who have been wronged and exploited.

- Theresa goes to church regularly and believes that religion and politics should not cross paths with each other. She believes that religion does not interfere with British politics and she aims to keep that structure of working intact.

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- Theresa May had been a long serving Home-Secretary, overlooking security and immigration agencies. She was in charge since 2010, for the same. Many a times, she has been compared to Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, for her pragmatism and way of work.

- A Type 1 diabetes patient, Theresa once told a reporter that, "Diabetes must learn to live with me, rather than me live with diabetes." A bold stance indeed. She has been open about her diabetes and continues to say that her health does not affect her work one bit.

- She used her position to impose strict laws on immigration. When Theresa was serving as the Home Secretary, she passed a rule that immigrants could only stay in the country if they earned 37,000 pounds a year; they would be deported if they made any less.

Known for her diversified footwear, May wears leopard print shoes. She is also an avid collector of cookbooks and has more than 100 of them. We can assume what she likes to do in her free time, then. May has even played an important role in campainging against sex trafficking and female genital mutilation.

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