5 Things Society Shouldn’t Ask Girls To Do In Their 20s

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Being a girl in India is an uphill task. Since birth, everyone around you starts preparing you for the multitude responsibilities you will be dealing with during adulthood. Sadly, the teachings we get are centred around “how to be a good woman”. No one pays heed to imparting us with life lessons that might help us navigate through the various ups and downs we as “humans” are likely to face.

As soon as the girl reaches 20, she becomes a “social issue”. The stigma around her starts intensifying with each passing year. Almost everyone around her is ready with a suggestion, advice or a remedy. “Are you ready for the next phase of your life?” they interrogate.

But what if the girl chooses to live some more years before giving in to society’s notion of “settling down”?

In today’s times when more and more women are pursuing higher education, getting good jobs and earning well, why do we still remind them of that final reality they will have to encounter some day? Why can’t we just evolve as humans first and then as “girls” and “women”?

And this brings us to an important question — what the society should refrain from saying to a girl in her 20s?

Commenting on her physique

25-year-old Kriti Jain, a resident of Delhi, says that is high time for society to stop commenting upon a girl’s physique. “You are so skinny..How will you make babies after marriage?”

She mentions that she has also heard the complete opposite of this. “You are so fat. People prefer slimmer girls these days.”

Reminding her about her priorities all the time

21-year-old Ayushi Jain, who is learning a foreign language these days, says that society shouldn’t force the girl to tell her what to do, how to dress up and where to go. It is totally up to her. “She should not be told what her priorities are.”

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Not belonging to her parents’ place

23-year old Mrinal Sethi says that despite living with her parents for so many years, girls get to hear this. “Calling girls ‘Paraya dhan’ is sad. I fail to understand which place we belong to. At times when there is a solid education to back us, such phrases fail to hold any value and shouldn’t be used any more,” she avers.

Not dreaming

22-year-old Ishita Chhikkara, preparing for  government exams, says that society shouldn’t ask girls to stop dreaming. “They shouldn’t be scolded for the clothes they wear and must be given the freedom to dream.”.

She adds that it is in 20s that the girl gets to know about herself and her body and “that’s what is actually important”.

Getting married quickly

Namrata Goel, studying Economics in Chennai, says that society should stop reiterating to the girl that her life’s purpose is served within her 20s, by getting married by 25 and embracing motherhood soon after that. “There is much more a woman can offer to this world,” she asserts.

Well, it is actually time for society to let girls be themselves and give them some time and space to breathe and discover themselves.

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5 Things Society Shouldn’t Ask Girls To Do In Their 20s
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