5 Reasons Why You Must Watch ‘Secret Superstar’

secret superstar

‘Secret Superstar’, starring Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan, is a heart-warming movie with an empowering message. It is the story of Insiya, an ambitious teenager, who rebels against the societal mores to forge her own path to success.

The movie hit the theatres on 19th October and has been getting rave reviews. Read on to know five reasons why everyone must watch ‘Secret Superstar’:

1. It talks about empowerment of the girl child

Insiya belongs to a conservative Muslim household where the patriarch of the family suppresses all other members of the family and they struggle to get their voice heard. Insiya’s dream of becoming a singer, however, is so powerful that she is often seen standing up to her father trying to speak up for what she feels is right. Towards the end, she not only fulfills her dream of becoming a singer but also liberates her mother from the stifling institution of marriage she had seen her grapple with for years.

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2. It addresses the issue of domestic violence

Insiya’s father thrashes his wife for every trivial issue that pops up in the house, leaving her physically and emotionally wounded most of the times. The agony of the children on seeing their mother in such a miserable condition is well-highlighted in the movie. While the mother chooses to clam up, fearing her financial security and societal stigma, the daughter does everything she could do to ameliorate her mother’s life.

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3. The movie celebrates motherhood

Insiya perceived her mother to be naive. Her judgement changed when her grandmother explained to her how difficult it had been for her mother to convince her husband to allow her to give birth to a girl. She, however, assured that Insiya never got to know about this brutal truth. She goes against her husband’s wishes to bring a smile on her face. Towards the end, she musters up courage to leave her abusive husband and resolves to lead a better life with her kids.

4. To understand the power of social media

Knowing that living in a small city of Baroda can never make her famous, Insiya uses YouTube to put forth her singing talent around the world. Her videos go viral within a few days and the views on her video go up continuously. It is because of her viral videos that a famous singer Shakthi Kumar (played by Aamir Khan) notices her and gives her an offer to come to Mumbai to sing for him. In one of the scenes, the mother threatens her husband to post his video on YouTube if he dared to harm her. Social Media is definitely a gamechanger for women!

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5. The movie talks about fulfilling your dreams

Besides the cornucopia of relevant societal messages that the movie gives out, one is that of following the dictates of your heart and becoming what you want to be. The movie shows how everyone — irrespective of gender and socio-economic background — must have the right to dream because our dreams are pivotal to our existence. After all, “DREAMS DEKHNA TOH BASIC HOTA HAI

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