The pressures and perils of a being a 21st Century woman are on every corner you turn. The lines between gender roles have almost blurred, as women are given all the means and leverage to attain their goals just like the men – and are expected to seize this bounty of opportunities, too. In this situation where women have no time to stand and stare- Yoga could be the answer to erase the lines of worry on their foreheads. On the first International Yoga Day, here are quick five reasons why inculcating the habit to practice yoga can also help being a woman leader:


1. Makes those Instincts Razor Sharp:

A woman, it is often said, has better instincts than a man. Yoga helps you reflect, and clear your head – so once the chaff is blown out, the wheat that remains is your best judgment. This reduction in the clutter would be instrumental in sharpening your instincts. Yoga is central to making individuals sharper and stronger.


2. Increases concentration:

Women today are expected to be multitasking superheroes by acing dual arenas – the professional and the personal. Sitting on your yoga mat silently as you pump air into your overworked brain would help you think better, organize your thoughts and subsequently, your tasks and your life better. And with a sorted checklist, your concentration towards each activity would be higher by default.


3. Gets you in touch with your inner self:

Often while traversing the many rungs of work life, we get caught in a rut. Getting to the next step, closer to your goal is among our constant endeavours. But losing sight of the larger picture is a common mistake. Yoga gurus believe the form’s meditative powers can keep you focussed but also put you in touch with your inner self. They say it opens up a third eye within- and as you exhale pessimism, anxiety and stress and let positive thoughts in, you are put in touch with your inner desires and goals again.


4. Gives you your much needed ‘Me’ time:

Once you get into your yoga drill and close your eyes to the world, it’s just you and the truths that lie within. It’s your time, where no one asks you to breathe softer, talk lower and sit with your knees crossed. You’re in charge of your body, and on a date with yourself. You will truly embrace the real you, learn about everything you inner heart beats for. It’s not that you don’t know yourself, but in this busy, high-pressure environment, you tend to fail at keeping in touch with it. In your me time on the mat, really get to the bottom of all unfinished businesses and start feeling optimistic about achieving them all.


5. Sends Stress packing:

This might seem to be a clichéd entry on the list but that doesn’t make it any less true. As a woman leader, you often deal with twice the amount of pressure – performing your duties as well as proving you are worthy of them every day. Yoga, meditation, or even some basic exercises practiced for 10-15 minutes a day could be invaluable to get some air flowing into your system. Flushing out the stress and keeping your head above the water.


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