Have you read Rabindranath Tagore’s iconic story Kabuliwala wherein a dry fruit seller befriends a young girl and the two forge a strong bond only to be broken by the former’s conviction? Bioscopewala, directed by Deb Medhekar, has been tweaked to suit the modern times we live in. The dry fruit seller has been replaced by Rehmat Khan (played by Danny Denzongpa), an Afghan who fends for himself by showing films to children through his Bioscope. An incident, however, alters his life and he is imprisoned for a long time, but eventually finds himself reunited with Minnie (played by Geetanjali Thapa) for whom he had fatherly affection.

Read on to know 5 reasons why you must watch the movie:

For the beautiful portrayal of fatherdaughter relationship

Minnie shares a strained relationship with her photographer father, but her camaraderie with Rehmat Khan is heart-warming. While he fills the void created by her father’s absence from her childhood, she reminds him of her own little daughter whom he hadn’t met for many years. The two find solace in each other’s company and unknowingly fill the emotional vacuum present in their lives.

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Using cinema for social change

Minnie grows up to become a documentary maker living in France. Interestingly, her inclination towards arts and cinema stems from the fact that she had Bioscopewala by her side during her childhood who exposed her to the world of moving pictures and fuelled her imagination. Khan, himself, is an ardent believer in the positive impact cinema can create and hopes to see ripples of change in his own country Afghanistan which was marred by hatred and violence at that time.

The movie will reiterate your faith in human relationships based on pure love and encourage you to go any distance for your loved ones

Reaffirms your faith in humanity

Mini leaves no stone unturned to ameliorate Rehmat’s life in his twilight years. She tries to pierce fragments of Rehmat’s story by meeting as many people as she could associate with him and didn’t flinch from going to his country Afghanistan to find a clue about his family’s existence. The movie will reiterate your faith in human relationships based on pure love and encourage you to go any distance for your loved ones.

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Strong female character

Minnie exhibits a great strength of character when she decides to do something for her Bioscopewala, who was an important part of her childhood. From keeping herself strong after her father’s death to fulfilling his last wish of rehabilitating Rehmat and his life, the movie celebrates womanhood and its various facets. Minnie’s resilience in times of adversity is worth imbibing.

Transports you back to your childhood

We all have some magnificent memories of our childhood that still bring a smile on our face when we delve into them. Who doesn’t remember the people who made our childhood the golden phase we claim it to be? The movie has some beautiful scenes that depict the instrumental role Rehmat played in making Minnie’s childhood carefree and idyllic. She not only acknowledges this but also tries to reciprocate his love by being his emotional support when he needs his own daughter the most.

Pic credits: Rediff

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