Meet These 5 Women Who Are Making The World A Better Place

5-inspiring women world better

In a world where everyone is jostling to succeed, there are very few who have taken up the gauntlet of giving back to the society in their own ways. These are extraordinary women who put others well being before themselves and resolved to make the world a better place to live in.

Who are they and what compelled them to walk on this unusual path? This Women’s Day lets read about these inspiring women.

Tulsi Parihar

Tulsi Parihar, SOS Children’s Villages

Tulsi Parihar, SOS Children’s Villages

Tulsi Parihar was married off at 19. “Three years into the marriage, I lost my husband. My in-laws did not support me after his death and I had to move back to my parents’ place,” Parihar told SheThePeople.TV. “I was living a stigmatized widow’s life and I had the responsibility of my own one-year-old daughter. My in-laws were not giving me any financial and emotional support. After moving back to my parent’s place, my parents and brothers were not able to give me financial support due to their own family responsibilities,” she added.

Today, Tulsi is the longest-serving mother of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. She takes care of SOS Children’s Village Bhimtal, India.

Parihar joined SOS Children’s Village as a mother in 1984. Since then 33 children have been given shelter under her captaincy. “I have raised 33 children till today. Out of 33 now I have 9 children in the home and two boys in Youth home. 5 children are in the hostel and they are pursuing higher education. 15 children are settled out of which 9 (6 girls and 3 boys) are married.  Two (one daughter and one son) just joined the job,” she echoed.

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2. Pushpa Preeya

Pushpa Preeya as been the write hand of students for 9 yrs

Pushpa Preeya has been the writing hand of students for 9 years

Pushpa Preeya is doing a commendable job by voluntarily writing exams for visually-impaired students.

She comes from a financially backward family based in Bangalore. Having missed out on most of the fun childhood activities, due to financial constraints the family had, Pushpa knows the struggles. She completed her education in an atmosphere where they were constantly hard pressed for money. Fortunately, there were some who supported her dreams. Today, she is an accomplished IT professional.

“My view of life is to be happy with what we have got and try to help the needy. And working in IT and doing this work is not that easy. We all are busy in our schedules but we also should give back to the society and help as much as we could. This is how I choose to support.”, she tells us.

3. Arwa Imtiaz Bhat


Arwa Imtiaz Bhat
Pic Credits: Indian Express

16-year-old Arwa Imtiyaz Bhat is a class Xth student in Srinagar. She has taken the onus of helping a group of deaf and mute badminton players by becoming their voice. Arwa is well-versed in the sign language and plays an instrumental role in helping them communicate.

In fact, at times she has missed her classes at school to accompany J&K teams to tournaments across the country.

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4. Maya Vishwakarma 

MP’s ‘padwoman’ spreads awareness

Maya Vishwakarma
pic credits: YouTube grab

Maya Vishwakarma is a 36-year-old woman hailing from Mehragaon, MP who is determined to sensitize the masses about menstrual hygiene. Besides this, she has also kick-started a mission to make available low-cost sanitary napkins. Maya started working on her project in 2016 to make low-cost sanitary pads available to poor women. Maya also plans to launch a yatra in all the tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh for safe menstrual hygiene.

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5. Anushka Gupta

This 17-year-old girl’s endeavour to sensitize children about good touch and bad touch is a testimony to the fact that India’s youth is brimming with optimism and striving to lead change. Anushka Gupta from Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar has formed a trust–AAN-Dignity for All for the same purpose.

It was a visit to the nearby village that had a great impact on her. Seeing the miserable condition in which families especially woman and children in the villages live, she felt fortunate about herself. Anushka is an ardent believer that her trust would help her spread awareness in the times of increasing crimes against children.

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