19-Yr-Old Wrestler Donates Prize Money, Car, And Flat To The Disabled

Gujarat Teenage Wrestler Donated money

Have you heard of the term ‘selfless deed’? Sure you did! But have you met any person who did this? A 19-year-old — Simran Mecwan – an amateur wrestler from Gujarat did something totally incredible.

Simran, who won Silver at the Asian Sub-Junior Wrestling Championship 2017 in Delhi in January, donated every rupee she earned in prize to an NGO in Delhi. She was awarded Rs 11 lakh, a Hyundai i20, and a 3 BHK bungalow in Gujarat as a prize. She donated all of these to the physically challenged children of the NGO.

Pursuing wrestling is not a goal for Simran as this sportsperson aspires to become a doctor and is currently studying Occupational Therapy (OT).

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“I realised that I have everything that I need, but there are children who wish to do a lot more, but cannot do so because of their disabilities.”

When asked about her dreams, Simran said, “I began wrestling as a hobby when I was 14. Winning a championship is a dream that’s come true for me. But while studying OT, I realised that I have everything that I need, but there are children who wish to do a lot more, but cannot do so because of their disabilities,” India Times reported.

However, she thinks she is privileged for having parents who supported her through every twist and turn. “My parents have given me enough, including their support because of which I got here. I do not need these things. Instead, it can help those who really and truly need them,” she says.

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Ask whether it was easy for her to take up wrestling as a girl, Simran said, “My parents supported me when I told them I wanted to pursue wrestling. They never differentiated between boys and girls, and I wish all parents do so.”

Simran wakes up around 4 am every day for her wrestling training that lasts till 8 am 

“I will never quit wrestling as it is my passion, but I want to make medicine as my profession. My sports events happen once or twice a year, but I want to help people too. For now, I will concentrate on my studies but will figure out a way to manage both in future,” the ambitious girl explained.

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Simran wishes to make people’s lives better and if her ambitions don’t pan out as planned, what could be her other choices? She has an answer for it too! A huge admirer of PM Narendra Modi, the young wrestler has plans to become a politician, “Or at least someone influential enough to make my country better,” she expresses.

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We wish Simran good luck for more such future endeavours!

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Feature Image Credit: India Times

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