4 Years On, Has Nirbhaya Changed Anything?

Two friends, a bus, 6 men, a brutal gangrape, 13 days of struggle and Delhi came to be called the ‘rape capital’ from just a capital. 

Nirbhaya would have turned 27 this year, but here we are, remembering her on her fourth death anniversary.

Four years and we are still unsure as to what changes the society has undergone. 

The capital is hosting events in her memory today, and one such event is Narinama, an initiative by WOWONET. Narinama is being held at the Indira Gandhi Centre For Arts in New Delhi.  

Journalist Sheeba Fehmi spoke to us and shared her thoughts on the change society has seen in the last four years after the unfortunate incident. She said, “Sadly, society hasn’t evolved in the last few years.”

“On the other hand, we are seeing worst cases of  rape coming up on the same pattern of Nirbhaya. Heinous gangrapes and murders! We have added another date in our diary to commemorate, come together as a society at large but we haven’t seen a change.” 

 “More than the physical crime against women, gender crime is a bigger issue. We don’t have a policy framework to address gender inequality and hence, we haven’t been able to curtail sexual abuse against women,” she said. 

Three power packed panel discussions scheduled with eminent women like Leena Yadav, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Pooja Bedi, Manpreet Brar Walia etc.  joining the conversation on topics ranging from challenges faced by working women to that of safe cities.  


Priyanka Nijhawan, director of Nijhawan group, talked about the need for women to let go of them selves. “Somewhere there is a confusion that home and children are our responsibility. Some people think that our primary job is child bearing and child rearing.”

She added, “There are days when you are the superwoman but to be realistic, for your own good and sanity, just keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to slip here and there.” 

The event is a house full and here the minority are men, for a change. But what we are looking forward to is a houseful event with 50-50% participation from both the sexes. Everywhere. 

With performances from an all-woman band from Bihar called Nari Gunjan Sargam Mahila band to a power-packed play scheduled for later this evening, the event is exploring all mediums to tell the ‘story of gender justice’.

We need more such events, says Tannishta Chatterjee. Talking to SheThePeople at the event she said,”We need many more! Inviting people from different social societies, different cultures and constantly talking about things.  Recently, there was a case with Ranveer Singh doing some ad.  I am talking about presentation in popular media as popmedia plays an important role in the way we view women.  Right from our childhood,  we grow up watching films and ads, so  pop culture plays a crucial part.”

Rs 322 crore was alloted under the Nirbhaya fund. A mobile-borne alarm system for women safety was promised. Three years and the bid is still taking place.   

I am sure there were rape cases in today’s newspaper and I am still scared of stepping out in the night.  

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