Documentaries are a powerful medium to mirror the realities of society. Whether its environmental issues, political issues or even gender issues, a realistic portrayal always stays in the minds of the viewer, inducing him to think, analyze and debate. True stories impact our consciousness, trouble us, fascinate us, and at times inspire us. [Feature Image Credit:]

Here are 3 impactful documentaries about women we thought to bring in your notice.

Gulabi Gang:


Gulabi Gang
Fighting for the oppressed: Sampat Pal Devi and her Gulabi Gang(Pic Courtesy:

You may have seen ‘Gulab Gang’ starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, but this documentary by Nishtha Jain is another experience altogether. Gulabi Gang takes the viewer into the heart of Bundelkhand, where the concept of women’s rights doesn’t exist.

Our Interview: The Making Of Gulabi Gang With Nishtha Jain

It is here that Sampat Pal Devia and her pink sari clad gang of women step in, fighting for justice for the oppressed women and dalits. The women travel distances by tractor, bus and train to nearby areas to take up the cause of women who face violence, trying to right the wrongs.

A former government health worker, Sampat Pal is now part of the political movement as well, although that is not dwelled upon much. The women part of the gang have been at the receiving end of violence as well, one of them has been raped, some beaten up. The film bring to life the hash realities of gender discrimination in the hinterland of India, and portrays  a balanced view of the situation. Sampat is the hero, but she also has an ego.

Jareena, Portrait Of A Hijda

Jareena-Potrait of a hijra
A realistic portrayal of the life of a eunuch in Bangalore (Pic Credit:

Prem Kalliat’s 25-minutes documentary is a stark portrayal of the life of a transsexual and their community in the city of Bangalore. It gives a unique insight into the lives of eunuchs or hijdas, who society shuns for the most part. Jareena, a Hijda herself communicates to us through this documentary about her dual life. She works as a prostitute and is in a close-knit group who live and work communally. Jareena pretends to be a man while visiting her family and explains how the community helped her form her own identity and gave her the courage to come out in the open about her sexuality. The issue is handled sensitively, without exaggeration, making this one worth a watch.

The Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the Valley of Consent

The Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the Valley of Consent
The Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the Valley of Consent(Pic Credit:

‘The Amorous Adventures of Megha and Shakku in the Valley of Consent’ featuring the ‘chikna’, played by comedian Gaurav Gera, and lavni artiste Shakuntala Nagarkar aka Shakku, is a project that describe sex, love and desire. 8-minutes long, artistes Shakuntala Nagarkar and Megha Ghadge along with comedian Gaurav Gera take us through some hilarious concepts about sex which easily get referred as “No baba! Nahi baat karni”. In Indian where sex education is still limited and the conversation about sex stays private, this one is like a breath of fresh air!