Women Vote Tripura: Half of the 26 lakh voters are female

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While #TripuraElection2018 assembles 26 lakh voters from the Northeast state, in the massive crowd women marked half of the population. Also news reports says that the Election Commission has set up 3,174 polling stations in Tripura; of which 47 of them are being managed by women.

Voting in 59 seats of Tripura’s 60-seat assembly is a battle between the ruling CPI(M) or new challenger Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Till 3 pm, 65 percent voter turned up, reports ANI 

On the other hand, of a total 292 candidates, 23 are women who will join the close fight contest today. This year the state marks 47,803 new voters and 11 third-gender voters, making it to almost 26 lakh people eligible to vote.

“Men and women in large numbers queued up in front of many polling stations well before polling opened at 7 am in the entire state. Polling ends at 4 pm,” said Sriram Taranikanti, Chief Electoral Officer.

“Apprehending troubles by some tribal outfit, a record 50,000 para-military and other state security personnel have been deployed while two air surveillance team led by senior officials are conducting surveillance by helicopters,” the election official.

Even in hilly and tribal areas, women huddled in large numbers outside poll booths

Altogether, there are 25,73,413 registered voters, of whom 13,05,375 are male and 12,68,027 female.

The results will be out on March 3 along with the Meghalaya and Nagaland assembly elections results.